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Anaphylaxis: In memoriam

This page is dedicated to the memory of all those who have died of anaphylaxis or the complications thereof.

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John Banks, 48
“A Bunbury man who died last month is believed by his widow to have been killed by an ant bite in what could be one of the first cases of its kind in WA [Australia]. [The] Council worker…died on February 19, a day after suffering anaphylactic shock just 350m from an ambulance depot.” Reference [Loney G. Ant bite may have killed SW worker. The West Australian. 16 March 2011].
Wilbert Brooks, 74
“…Died…after suffering anaphylactic shock in The British Queen pub on Dudley Road….” Reference ["Mystery surrounds grandfathers death." The Express and Star Newspaper, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK. 15 September 2009].
Katelyn Carlson, 13
A “…seventh-grader who died…after an allergic reaction to peanuts at a school party….” Reference [Hood J. Family sues restaurant over seventh-grader’s fatal food allergy. Chicago Tribune. 18 March 2011].
Lucy Crean, 9
“…Died in her mother’s arms after suffering anaphylactic shock caused by an allergy which had not been followed up properly by her GP, a report has concluded.” Reference [Wilson C. Girl, 9 died after doctors failed to give her life-saving pen. Evening Times. Glasgow, Scotland. 17 March 2011].
Jonno Howell, 27
“A popular Tasmanian surfer and entrepreneur has died in Bali after suffering an allergic reaction.” Reference [Ward B. Tassie man's Bali death puzzle. 8 April 2011].
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Andy Kessler, 48
“…The legendary skateboarder…was stung by an insect in Montauk, N.Y. He died a short time later because of an allergic reaction to the sting.” Reference [Johnston BA. "The end of falling." 13 August 2009. Accessed 19 April 2011.].
Daniel Keeble, 25
“…Died from anaphylactic shock — an allergic reaction — but what caused his sudden collapse has baffled medical experts.” Reference [Mystery remains over death on works night out. Yorkshire Post, UK. 20 AUG 2011.].
Tabatha McCourt, 17
“…Died in hospital after what medics suspect was a severe allergic reaction to p-phenylenediamine, or PPD, a chemical found in permanent hair dye, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported.” Reference [Moisse K. Hair dye allergy suspected in teen death. Medical Unit. 20 OCT 2011.].
Mike “Pez” Perry, 46
“…Died on September 24, 2007 after experiencing a severe reaction to a prescribed painkiller.… Mike’s sister, Janette Bowen, said it was a massive shock when he died as he had never suffered with allergies before. She said: ‘Apart from a bad back, he was a fit and healthy person. He had got up in the night with his back and took a painkiller, but he collapsed in the bathroom. His partner called an ambulance but it was too late and he suffocated.’” Reference [Party to raise awareness of condition that killed Mike. Fenland Citizen, Wisbech, UK. 30 August 2011.].
Sarah Reading, 17
“…She sat down to [eat a] a slice of lemon meringue pie. It seemed harmless enough, but within hours she was dead — the victim of a severe allergic reaction to peanuts.” Reference [Frankel H. Recipes for tragedy. TES Magazine. 11 March 2011].
Sacha Rumaner, 30
“…[She] was having her teeth cleaned at the Morley Street Family Dental Clinic when she went into anaphylactic shock….” Reference [Roberts A. Brighton woman dies after using mouthwash at dentist. The Argus. 22 March 2011].
Francesca Sanna, 19
“…Died after suffering an extreme allergic reaction to toothpaste….” Reference [Brooke C. Teenage girl suffering from allergies may have been killed by brushing her teeth with Aquafresh. Mail Online,, London, UK. 18 January 2008].
Chris Smith, 17
“…Died after suffering a massive allergic reaction to a chip shop meal he had eaten dozens of times before.” Reference [White S. Teen dies from allergic reaction after one bit of chicken and chips. News Mirror. 18 Apr 2011].
Christine Weaver, 21
“…Died after eating a cookie with undetectable crushed nuts at a wedding. Her parents say that she knew that she was allergic to nuts and tried to steer clear. But Sarah was given wrong information by a banquet worker, who when asked, assured Sarah that the cookies being served did not contain nuts.” Reference [Anaphylaxis. 18 January 2001].

If you know of someone who died due to anaphylaxis and you would like to have that person remembered on this page, please send the person’s name, along with whatever other information you would like to provide (picture, age, description, circumstances of death, etc.) to

Page last updated: October 31, 2011

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