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Change log

This page lists, briefly, changes to the site since it was made public.

08/30/15: Updated the Who I Am section of the About Us.

08/29/15: Updated the Web pages tab of the Links page.

09/11/14: Fixed a typo on the first page of What is idiopathic anaphylaxis?

07/01/14: Added several items to Allergens, along with corresponding references.

06/27/14: Added to Allergens, along with corresponding references.

03/18/13: Added to Allergens, along with corresponding references.

09/27/12: Added Millet to Allergens, along with corresponding reference.

06/25/12: Fixed bum link to photo in Anaphylaxis FAQ. Corrected typos in "What is idiopathic anaphylaxis?" and in Reference.

02/05/12: Updated Links page.

02/03/12: Updated copyright notices to current year.

10/31/11: Added to In memoriam.

9/26/11: New blog entry: Do allergies really explain anaphylaxis?

9/23/11: Worked on Allergens.

9/12/11: Still recovering from Irene, but I added to In memoriam.

8/20/11: Added to In memoriam.

7/20/11: Worked on Allergens.

7/16/11: Worked on Allergens.

7/15/11: Corrected error in IA FAQ. Worked on Allergens.

7/13/11: Worked on Allergens.

7/9/11: Added link to Histamine article and Links. Worked on Allergens.

7/6/11: Worked on Allergens.

7/4/11: Added to Anaphylaxis FAQ, Allergens, and References.

7/2/11: Worked on Allergens.

6/23/11: Edited Links.

6/22/11: Doped out why definitions don't work on iPad. Must fix.

6/19-20/11: Worked on Allergens and added to Anaphylaxis FAQ.

6/19/11: Worked on Allergens.

6/17/11: Worked on What is IA?, a graphic, and References.

6/16/11: New blog entry: Promising projects?

6/13/11: Worked on Allergens.

6/10/11: Added to Allergens.

5/31/11: Reworked video for Anaphylaxis, What happens?

5/30/11: Worked on What is IA?

5/28/11: Added new item to Misconceptions FAQ.

5/25/11: Created new graphic of sun for Anaphylaxis FAQ.

5/22/11: Worked on too many pages to list, added references & maintained links.

5/15/11: Added Q&A to Misconceptions FAQ.

5/14/11: Worked on the What is IA? and Diagnosing IA pages.

05/06/11: Worked on the anaphylaxis Causes and Allergens pages.

04/27/11: Edited and worked on too many pages to list!

04/25/11: Began work on Diagnosing IA page.

04/19/11: Added In Memoriam page.

04/06/11: Added to Causes of anaphylaxis page.

04/02/11: Posted new blog entry, "Chipping away at IA?"

03/24/11: Posted new blog entry, "Atypical anaphylaxis."

03/23/11: Posted new blog entry, "Death by mouthwash."

03/21/11: Worked on Causes of anaphylaxis page.

03/20/11: Posted new blog entry, "Diagnosed but untreated, child dies."

03/18/11: Added to Blog blurb.

03/16/11: Updated Site map

03/15/11: Posted new blog entry, "Deadly pastime."

03/07/11: More work on Causes of anaphylaxis page.

02/24/11: Added new question-and-answer to Anaphylaxis FAQ and rearranged material between FAQs.

02/13/11: I ran a check of every link in this site and fixed nearly 100 broken, changed, or unallowed links. Now, the site is up to 3,240 links, and every single one works! Worked on Causes of anaphylaxis page.

02/07/11: Added 5 more items to the Causes of anaphylaxis page, as well as the corresponding references.<

02/06/11: I added inulin and DEET to the Causes of anaphylaxis page, as well as the corresponding references.

01/29/11: I added a number of items to the Causes of anaphylaxis page, as well as the corresponding references. Behind the scenes I now have 4,409 articles cataloged (with dozens more waiting to be processed), and I've been consolidating my note-taking into a format that may allow me to make my notes available on the Internet. Cool beans.

01/28/11: Added Mastopedia to the Patient Organizations tab on the Links page. Made minor formatting revisions to Pregnancy and idiopathic anaphylaxis article. Completed another tab (#5) in the Causes of Anaphylaxis article and began work on the next one.

01/24/11: Updated information on the Links. I worked mostly on the Email lists and Web pages tabs. Also continued work on Causes of Anaphylaxis. That list just keeps on growing!

12/02/10: Uploaded new post to IA Explorations blog.

12/01/10: Worked on tabs 2, 3, and 4 in the Causes of Anaphylaxis article. Added the Facebook group, "Masto Buddies" to the Email list tab on the Links page.

11/30/10: Added Q&A about tryptase to anaphylaxis FAQ. Thanks to Faith for the question.

11/29/10: Found over 600 relevant new articles (mostly on pharmacology and environmental issues) to add to database. Total articles catalogued now equals 3,397.

11/28/10: Finally, finished adding PDFs to my bibliographic database. Total close to 2,700 articles.

11/25/10: Thanks to Cecilia for more info.

10/17/10: Yup, still working on that same page. Amazing, huh?

10/16/10: Still working on "Yes, Virginia, you can be allergic to that, too!" in the causes of anaphylaxis article. Still more to do.

10/15/10: Working on causes of anaphylaxis article. Added a couple of pages, but there's much more to do.

10/2/10: Added new, brief blog entry about my latest article for Suite 101.

9/25/2010: Changed link color to standard blue and definition color to blue-green.

9/24/2010: Worked on maintaining my EndNote bibliographic database and attaching PDFs to citations.

9/22/10: Sorted through more material from Cecilia. Added several items to References, and also wrote a new blog entry, "The latex-fruit syndrome."

9/21/10: Added items to References, and fixed soon-to-be-bum link on Links page. Added Change log page. Sorted through three dozen articles and other materials sent to me by Cecilia. Updated Colophon page.

9/20/10: Added Thank-you page & daily thanks on home page.

9/19/10: Edited Links; additions to References.

9/18/10: Edited SAD article.

9/17/2009: The IA Information Center is online!

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Page last updated: August 30, 2015

All information contained in this site is one layperson's interpretation of medical journal articles, textbooks, seminars, presentations, and other materials. Nothing that is stated here should carry more weight than the informed and considered opinions of your own highly trained and qualified medical caregivers. The author of this site is not a doctor and has absolutely no authority to prescribe or diagnose.

The idiopathic anaphylaxis information center: A resource for people with IA and other mast cell disorders
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