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There are a number of people who are helping to make this a better site, and I'd like to thank them publicly.

03/02/12: Thanks to Cecilia C. for material.

09/12/11: Thanks yet again to Cecilia C. for material.

06/23/11: Thanks again to Cecilia C. for material.

05/21/11: Thanks to Cecilia C. for sharing several articles.

05/16/11: Thanks to Cecilia C. for sharing an important new article.

05/16/11: Yet again thanks to Cecilia C. for sharing material and ideas.

04/2/11: Thanks to Cecilia C. for sharing links and articles.

03/6/11: Thanks to Cecilia C. for an excellent article.

02/24/11: Thanks to Masto Buddies for the new FAQ question.

02/23/11: Thanks to Cecilia C. for links to new info.

02/01/11: Thanks to Cecilia C. for Dermatology Europe info.

01/24/11: Thanks to Cecilia C. for a continuing supply of links and new material

11/30/10: Thanks to Faith for the question.

11/25/10: Thanks to Cecilia C. for more info.

10/17/2010: Cecilia C., who is gifted in the fine art of finding articles on line.

10/15/2010: Cecilia C., who keeps finding articles. Thank you so much! And Marti Wolfe, who's sent me several articles this week.

10/1/2010: Cecilia C., who has managed to dig out a few more articles I’ve missed.

9/22/2010: Cecilia C. yet again shared materials with me.

9/21/2010: Wow, Cecilia C. who took the time to share with me three dozen articles and other materials she has collected. That is so kind! At least a few are items I had hoped to find.

9/20/2010: Mark who gave me feedback about making links on the site more noticeable.

9/20/2010: Cecilia C. who sent me a news article and promised to follow it up with other materials she has.

9/19/2010: CountryCinderella who checked some links and provided me with new link information.

11/11/2009: Charles E. Hess, MD, and Lindsey Krstic, BA, RN of the Microscopic Hematology site, have graciously given me permission to use one of their microphotographs of a mast cell on this web site. See my blog entry for more.

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Page last updated: February 3, 2012

All information contained in this site is one layperson's interpretation of medical journal articles, textbooks, seminars, presentations, and other materials. Nothing that is stated here should carry more weight than the informed and considered opinions of your own highly trained and qualified medical caregivers. The author of this site is not a doctor and has absolutely no authority to prescribe or diagnose.

The idiopathic anaphylaxis information center: A resource for people with IA and other mast cell disorders
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